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Liberty Medical Aid

Liberty medical aidAre you and your family’s medical expenses covered in case of an medical emergency? Do you have daily benefits that will cover your day-to-day expesnes? Are you interested to hear more about the best medical aid in South Africa? Liberty medical aid offer South Africa the biggest and most comprehensive benefits at the most affordable prices.

I have to say from the outset that it would be impossible to capture all the necessary details on the pages of this website. However, if you want to see a benefit schedule of the different Liberty medical aid options, then please click here.

Are you seriously considering a Liberty medical aid option? Would you like specialised, professional and free advice regarding the best medical aid that will suit your needs AND wallet? Then please read on.

There are various factors that one need to keep in mind when choosing a medical aid. I’m not going to go into them in detail here but I do think there is one worth mentioning – your bank vs our bank. What do I mean by that? Clients are ignorant about medical aid options and do not understand that medical bills are being paid from either their savings or pocket (their bank) or from the medical aid’s pocket (our bank).

This is another area where Liberty medical aid is standing head and shoulders above our competitors. We have a wide array of medical benefits that we pay from our bank, not yours. One of our goals is to make sure that your savings is safe guarded and that you only use your savings for necessary expenses. Many of our competitors pay most of your bills from your savings component (your bank) and not their bank.

When you look at the different Liberty medical aid options available you will find that we offer the best value for money on the market. Again our competitors cannot compete with the value we offer our clients. I would be first to acknowledge that some other schemes may have cheaper options. But what is more important to you? Saving 10% on a premium but getting 50% less benefits or paying 10% more and knowing that when you need financial backing the most due to a medical emergency, you can rely on the scheme you have partnered with? Personally I will go with the latter.

Do not take a chance with your or families life. You do not want to end up in a state hospital because your were too lazy to get proper medical aid cover. At Liberty medical aid we are determined to help our clients in every way that we promise.

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Liberty Medical Aid Options:

We respect and appreciate the various degrees of needs and wants within our beautiful South Africa. Therefore Liberty medical aid options reflect this. Whatever your budget or needs, chances are very good that you will find what you are looking for in our diverse range of options:

Hospitalisation Options:

We have 3 different options available under this category namely:

Gold Focus Select

Gold Focus and

Platinum Focus

Who would this option suit best? Ask yourself this question – Do I have regular day to day medical expenses? If the answer is no, then this one is for you. This option is the most affordable on the Liberty medical aid scheme mainly because the client will pay for day to day expenses out of his or her own account. Since the client in general does not have many day to day medical expenses this won’t be an issue. You mainly have excellent hospitalisation benefits plus some extraordinary out of hospital benefits.

Saver Options:

Again we have 3 different options available under the Liberty medical aid saver options. They are:

Gold Saver Select

Gold Saver and

Platinum Saver

The difference between the Saver options and the Hospitalisation options is that the Saver options have a – you guessed it – a savings options attached to it. This option is ideal for the person who wants a comprehensive hospital plan but would also like his or her day to day medical expenses to be covered. The members of the saver options would typically not claim that much for day to day medical expenses during the year but would like to know that some savings are available should they need it. Their hospitalisation cover is the best in the market.

Complete Options:

Once more you can find 3 different options under the Liberty medical aid Complete option. They are:

Titan Select

Titan and

Platinum Complete

These are by far one of the most popular options at Liberty medical aid and if you have a look at all the benefits you and the family are getting and compare that with the monthly premium, you would understand why. A huge amount of savings are allocated to each medical aid member and even some dental procedures are covered from our bank account, not yours. Members who have joined this option give a lot of praise for the benefits that they receive and the comprehensive nature of this package.

Prestige Option:

The Prestige option will only be relevant to the very high nett worth individual. The benefits associated with this option is diverse and extremely comprehensive. As a Prestige client, you will receive a dedicated consultant who will personally see after your matters or queries. So no more call centres or frustrating moments. This dedicated consultant will be available to you 24 / 7.

In conclusion – You won’t find better value for money than with Liberty medical aid. We are here to serve you and to help you when help is most needed.

For Specialised, Professional and Free Advice Call JP Roux on 079-492-0445 Now!